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We warmly welcome you to our project. Please take the time to find a quiet space; close your eyes for 5 minutes and think what images come up when considering your connection to the Probation Service. At first there may also be words, but if you wait, pictures will start to join your thoughts. Then select the most significant object, get a digital copy of it, and capture in words how it relates to your journey in the Probation Service

How you can get involved:

  • Read our Submission Information here before submitting your object
  • Submit a picture of your object
  • Submit a write up of a maximum of 200 words about your object, why you chose it and what it means to you
  • Tell someone about the project who might have a picture of an object to submit

The objects will be collected in this online gallery and published on our website. We want to tell a story about probation from the photographs of objects. We will act as curators, classifying and grouping the submitted objects with the accompanying descriptions. Our intention would be to publish a book with a selection of the submitted pictures.


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