Probation Poster from Romania

“Do not judge mistake as a rule!”

It is one of the first messages – posters found in the headquarters of the Probation Services in Romania since its beginnings, over 20 years ago.
I could even say that we accompanied each other all these years, me being (as I like to say), a pioneer of probation in Romania.
This type of poster still exists in some probation services, and its message has always accompanied not only this image, but also the practice of probation throughout time.
Beneficiaries of probation services are first of all human beings, with a past, but equally with a present and a future, we are all human, and we know that one of the constant things in life is change.
And as one of the roles of the probation counselor is to provide the necessary support to change the problematic behavior, the non-moralizing attitude is one of the key tools in the relationship with the beneficiaries.
Therefore, this message that sometimes greets beneficiaries even before entering a counselor’s office for the first time, can function as a real guide, with the message: “here people are not judged, but listened to, understood, and supported in their effort to adopt a prosocial behaviour.”