Probation Lanyard

Unlike the Prison Officer uniform, the Judges Gavel, or the Police tactical vest and belt, the Probation lanyard and its attached I.D is often underestimated within the Criminal Justice System.

To me, the image that I have provided represents not only professional identity, but also the notion of traumatic separation and the celebration of unity (in consideration of Transforming Rehabilitation).

  1. The Community Rehabilitation Company lanyard
    2. The National Probation Service lanyard
    3. Probation Service lanyard

I have relied upon my Probation lanyard in a number of settings, such as entering the buildings of partnership agencies, or attending multi-agency meetings. Within these setting, the Probation lanyard serves as a reminder that I am representing our service, of which I am so passionate about.

Furthermore, and as depicted in my image, the Probation lanyard provides many practitioners with the opportunity to express their own personal and professional interests and identity. My image shows the HMPPS Poppy pin and the White Ribbon campaign pin – through to a practitioner proudly displaying their LBGTQ+ Pride ribbon.

I could go on and on about the humble lanyard. However, as described, the Probation lanyard can represent professional identity, personality, pride…………….. AND SO MUCH MORE!

Ste Swan