Letter of Attendance

The photo is of the envelope that I got from the Fukushima probation office and I sent back to them.

I think that such envelope symbolize the POs’ job in Japan, because they often use not the email but the letter when they get in touch with VPOs for the reason that many VPOs are elderly people who are not used to use email.

Though, as you know, I am still young and not the VPO, I also get the letters from Fukushima probation office when they let me know the schedule of the meetings that I should attend, and I have to send back it with my attendance information.

Recently, such way of VPOs’ job have been said to be one of the reasons that some young people re afraid of becoming VPOs, as for young people it is more comfortable and convenient to use email or other SNS tools.

Furthermore, in the next few decades, many elderly people will also be used to use PC and email, and POs will use not the letter but the email or other tool when they get in touch with VPOs or other people outside their office.

So, the envelope from the probation office is one symbolic object of the traditional job of POs in Japan.

Yuki Takahashi