Jarvis manual, Sherwood diary, National Standards, Risk of Harm mouse mat, Effective Practice standards, MAPPA guidance

I have a quite a number of probation objects I have collected over my 42 years work with probation. The Probation Officer’s Manual – Jarvis, was my first purchase while completing my CQSW/MA at UEA as a home office sponsored trainee probation officer 1981-83. The Sherwood diary was my core practitioner tool for many years and provided not just a directory of helpful advice and contact details for many helpful charities that could help some of my caseload, but I also used the blank pages to keep track of my caseload and when I had last met with them. The introduction of national standards was a significant milestone and the start of increased processes and less autonomy for probation officers, followed by OASys around 2001/02. I designed the risk of harm mouse mat, while on secondment to the Home Office/NOMS 2006, which was distributed as part of a series of risk of harm improvement workshops to middle managers,following a number of high profile serious further offences. I went on to become Chief for Hertfordshire Probation and being part of the centenary probation celebrations (brooch) at Westminster Abbey was a real privilege. I am now fortunate to be able to end my career working with HM Inspectorate of Probation. I probably have further probation objects, probation work has been important to me for many years. Critically however, I have worked with some wonderful dedicated colleagues who have been more important and influential than the objects.

Tessa Webb