Probation diary 2021

2021 Diary

This is a shot of my diary for 2021, for much of which we were working remotely, due to lockdowns in COVID-19. You can also see my trusty notebook, the keyboard on my desk at home, and the edge of my specs – without any one of these, I could not function!

The diary is the one constant in a lengthy probation career, during which I have experienced many organisational changes. We haven’t had Probation Diaries for some years, as we are meant to record our appointments electronically on our MoJ devices. But that implies we don’t have a life outside probation work, when the reality is that each practitioner brings their own personal context, and history, to what we do; and we all have lives outside of being probation practitioners. The diary is symbolic of all the different aspects of my life; and maybe a reflection of my efforts to retain a personal commitment to the job, at a time of increasing technicity in the role.