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We warmly welcome you to our project. Please take the time to find a quiet space; close your eyes for 5 minutes and think about what images come up when considering your connection to the Probation Service. At first there may be words, but if you wait, pictures will start to join your thoughts. Then consider the most significant object, get a picture of it, and capture in words how it relates to your journey in the Probation Service.

‘Probation in Objects’ is our research in which participants provide a visual representation (object) of how they feel about their experiences of the Probation Service. Through this collective effort, we want to capture the significance of ‘Probation’ in the United Kingdom and internationally from those who have lived it. These are exceptional times, with the reformation of probation in England and Wales and the global impact of the pandemic. This reminds us of the importance of recording shared experiences for past, current and future generations.

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Amnesty International is a movement of ordinary people from across the world standing up for humanity and human rights. When injustice happens to one person, it happens to us all.

Recent campaigns include refugee and migrant rights, climate change, children’s rights, women’s rights, Syrian conflict and LGBTI rights. Amnesty’s biggest achievements include outlawing torture, holding war criminals to account and controlling the arms trade.

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